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Recognising Alcohol Addiciton

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 31 May 2021 | comments*Discuss
Recognising Alcohol Addiciton

Recognising Alcohol Addiction.

Many people frequently enjoy drinking alcohol as a way of unwinding or as part of their socialising and this is fine and can actually be beneficial; to physical and mental health if it is not done to excess but others will develop an addiction and can easily find themselves being branded an ‘alcoholic’.These people may well be able to hide their addiction and in fact deny that any such addiction exists but for those around them there are some common signs that might be related to the dependence and can instigate suspicions.

The Common Physical Signs.

Alcohol dependence in its early stages may be difficult to distinguish from someone who has simply overindulged on the odd occasion, and offering support can be difficult if the addiction is not admitted to by the sufferer.A typical hangover may be experienced by many people once or twice but an alcoholic may have the same symptoms more often.People who have been classed as alcoholic for a long while may not display the signs of a hangover as the amount of alcohol that their body gets used to does not cause this effect as it gets continually topped up and the person will experience a physical reaction when their body becomes depleted of a usually level of alcohol which are different to those experienced with a ‘normal’ hangover.As alcohol dependence develops the person may be unable to stop themselves from having a fine tremor, may develop bad breath, will often stop caring for their hygiene and personal appearance and often omit a distinctive smell (sometimes likened to nail varnish remover).Someone who almost continually has a high level of alcohol in their system may also display slurred speech, an inability to focus properly and may be lethargic or overly expressive with their body language.

Social And Behavioural changes.

The biggest give away that someone has developed an dependence on alcohol is if they are continually finding excuses to leave the room. They often blame going to the toilet for this behaviour and in fact this is where many secret drinkers will hide their alcohol. Toilet cisterns are common hiding places and can easily hold a few bottles without anyone else knowing.Other behavioural changes may be displayed as an increase in paranoia and withdrawal from normal activities and social occasions.The person may also drink heavily during any social occasions that are frequented as other people may be drinking. The dependent person however may drink to extreme and get quite carried away.Other social indications include having less expendable cash, always Wanting to go out, taking several trips to the shops, always finding an excuse to have a drink such as work stress or emotional upset and being very obvious in being unable to go any time without alcohol.

Recognising alcohol addiction is fairly easy in those who have been steadily increasing their alcohol intake over a long period of time, especially if they are around non-drinkers or those who drink very little. Unfortunately by the time these characteristics and signs are displayed the addiction is often very serious and may take a lot of effort from the alcohol dependent person and help from those around them.

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Ever since I can remember, I've always overindulged before/during social events. It's got to the point where I've been hateful to my wife and said some obnoxious things I would never consider saying when I'm sober. I think I've just ruined my marriage and I know it's my fault.
Neil - 31-May-21 @ 6:19 PM
I've always been quite an active person, and my job requires me to be at a certain standard of fitness, I've always drunk quite excessively but never had a problem stopping. It's now got to the point where I feel like I need it as a release and it's affecting my relationship to the point where I'm being kicked out. I've recently had a child which should make me want to give it up but I just can't seem to get my head around not drinking. I need to help, but find a solution.
Kev - 4-May-20 @ 11:07 AM
Hi I drink about 2 bottles of wine a day start late afternoon until evening watch tv don’t remember much after about 7.30 then carry on drinking till I pass out ... not good
Hannah - 9-Jan-20 @ 1:36 PM
My partner drinks every night to the extreme mixing cider with vodka and is refusing to get help the odd time when his not drinking his a lovely man but when drinking is just irritating he won’t even considercounselling and I’m thinking of leaving him as I can’t do it anymore but worried what will come of him if I do I also love him and just wish he would get better and take me seriously when I say Iv had enough
Cass30 - 19-Oct-18 @ 5:07 PM
Hi my wife always drinks till she passes out and says it’s me that drives her to drink blames all the things she’s done wrong in her life on me I even went for an assessment and said the things she did so I was diagnoused with something which is her illness please help me?
Jodie - 31-Aug-18 @ 5:07 AM
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