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Giving Up Smoking & Potential Weight Gain

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 5 Jan 2013 | comments*Discuss
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There are lots of smokers who state their reason for not giving-up is the fear of gaining weight. It seems that this is one of the leading causes for people, especially women, for not attempting to stop smoking, but there are ways of giving-up and making sure that there is little chance of weight gain.

Why Do People Seem To Gain Weight When Giving Up Smoking?

There are a few reasons why people seem to gain weight when they give up smoking. The first of which involves metabolism. When nicotine enters the system, the liver initiates the release of a substance that alters the blood sugars. When there is no nicotine this activity does not occur, hence metabolism slows.

Another reason is that sometime people tend to replace the cigarettes with sweets or snacks which will contain some calories or fats. Sugar free chewing gum can come in very useful during these times.Lastly, a lot of smokers will state that they used nicotine as an appetite suppressant and that when the nicotine is withheld their appetite increases causing them to eat more often of take bigger portions.

What Can I Do To Make Sure this Doesn't Happen?

There are plenty of ways of making sure that you don't put on weight.Try snacking on raw fruit and vegetables when you are craving a cigarette. Not only are these good for your health and low in calories, but they will keep your metabolism ticking over and also often use up more calories to chew and digest then is actually contained in them.It is advised that vegetables are more freely eaten than fruits as these contain less natural sugars and acids which can damage teeth.

With the money saved by not buying cigarettes why not join a gym or sign up for some keep fit or dance classes. Your skin, hair and shape will all improve by doping more exercise and you will feel altogether better about yourself and have more confidence.Burning fat and calories regularly every week will ensure that weight is kept under control. You may also find you meet a new circle of friends who are all non-smokers.

Weighing Up The Risks

For those who are worried about gaining a little weight it is important to weigh up the risks and see the balance between smoking and weight gain. The risks to health of smoking far out weigh the risks of gaining a few pounds. If you do find that you have put on some weight, this can be addressed later on when you are a successful non-smoker.It is true that being quite overweight puts additional strain on your heart and blood vessels but smoking does too with the additional risks of breathing problems and cancers.

Giving up smoking is a challenge and not made easier by being conscious of the potential for weight gain. It is however essential that you embrace this new era of your life and make sure you make every effort to succeed. This can be achieved by changing your whole lifestyle and changing social habits, eating habits and exercise regime. Masking these changes will leave you feeling energized, younger, healthier and have a more positive mood and outlook on life.

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